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General Practitioner Department

The general practitioner allows the treatment and management of long-term illnesses or acute diseases.

Dental Department

The dental department offers multiple services which include surgery, whitening, dental implants, nerve treatment, and many demanded features and beautiful smile options.

Obstetrics And Gynecology Department

The obstetrics and gynecology department provides comprehensive and integrated women's services for their patients of all age groups.

Dermatology Department

Providing a high level of quality in relation to skin care and treatment of various skin diseases with advanced technologies.

Bariatric And Endoscopic Surgery Department

The department offers a range of programs and surgeries that include ligation, diversion, and sleeve gastrectomy to help reduce weight and reach the appropriate health level.

Plastic Surgery Department

The plastic surgery department provides various adjustments and surgeries for many areas of the body to help achieve a consistent and graceful appearance.

Laser Unit

The laser unit provides a variety of world-class therapeutic services for skin and hair removal.

Medical Analysis Unit

The F Medical Center offers a medical analyses unit directed by a highly experienced and skilled team.


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